Travel doesn’t have to be difficult.

Established in June of 2021, The Traveling Vampyre was designed explore the topic of ADHD, the gothic/occult and travel and highlighting the world around us. Based around real topics of travel, the idea is to discuss topics in a well-researched fashion for everyone, no matter your experience or comfort level with traveling. I highlight and talk about what ever catches my eye at the time.

Latest Posts

Looking around my city for locations

Trying to lay out ideas for locations moving forward.

Late Night Thoughts

The more I stop and think about the path my life is on, and the training I’m undertaking with school, and the state of the world at the moment, the more I come to realize a few different things….

Top Ten Places I’d Love To Visit Part 1

Over the years, I’ve had a number of bucket lists on various topics. This hasn’t really changed today, the amount of lists I have has simply grown as I’ve discovered new places, new things, and new ideas. I keep a bullet journal on me at all times for quick jotting and reference when I need…


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