Late Night Thoughts

The more I stop and think about the path my life is on, and the training I’m undertaking with school, and the state of the world at the moment, the more I come to realize a few different things:

1. The world devolves further and further into chaos and an urecognizable state with each new day that passes.

2. We are on the edge of something huge. Possible a massive social and cultural shift.

3. As a journalist, my job is only going to get exponentially harder from here on out.

We stand in unprecidented times, with no idea of how to navigate the future that lies ahead of us. The technology we use is relatively new, we are watching an empire collapse in real time, and we are seeing a definite divide between the educated and the uneducated. We are seeing a divide between the classes as well.

Tomorrow I head out into the battlefield with my first aid kit and my recording equipment, and I’m nervous as fuck.

I have no idea how I’m goinng to, or even if I will survive this.

Wish me luck. I’m gonna need it.


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