Musings of an ADHD Brain – 03-27-2021

Do you know what it’s like to overclock a computer? That’s what it’s like for those of us with ADHD (at least in my experience). Our brains run hot all the time. Sometimes, we can’t turn our brains off, as much as we’d like to. Somedays, it’s amazing. It allows us to think many times faster than a neurotypical individual. Some days, it sucks. Our brains can be both our biggest ally and our biggest enemy. With that, comes mental health issues.

This semester has not been easy on me.

Truth be told, the last three semesters have not been easy on me. My mental health has most definitely taken a dive, and I’ve not been my usual self in quite some time. I’m always stressed.

I ended up dropping a course this semester, which is going to put me pretty much a semester behind what I wanted, but I mean, it’ll give me time to work on the quality of the content I put out as opposed to the quantity.

I’m not really sure how I’d categorize this semester. Shit show probably does the trick, but that’s just me, I guess.

At best, my mental health has been on rocky ground for the last few months, and I find that I’m exhausted lately. I’m tired. I’m suffering from what I like to call Covid exhaustion, and this has made me less likely to put up with bullshit from anti-maskers. Yes, I lash out at them from time to time. No, it’s probably not the best thing for me to do, but what’s a girl to do?


For right now, these blog posts are set up for me to practice my writing, and get back into the habit of it. These blog posts for the moment, are covering pretty much my thought process as it happens while I’m writing. It’s a more stream-of-consciousness thing with hopes that it’ll become something more focused in the long run.

I don’t know how far this is going to go, but I do know one thing. I miss writing.


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